Drumpak: Dusty House


Free Samples

We’re back with another instalment of our Drumpak series, and this time we’re venturing into Dusty House territory. This drum-focused collection delivers all-new beat workouts inspired by vintage vinyl sampling and dusty crate-digging, combining live and processed hits from original jazz drum sessions with our expert in-house resampling, programming, and drum design – resulting in track-ready sounds imbued with groove, surface noise, and tape-tastic warmth. 

There are 14 complete drum loops broken out into variant stems, with oneshots also provided, giving you comprehensive creative headroom. The advantage of this approach is that you can be completely modular and find inspiration using any combination you like; Mix and match elements from different loops or layer the extra percussion layers and drum oneshots for full flexibility and all-new beat-building possibilities.

  • 74 drum and percussion loops
  • 74 drum hits

PLEASE NOTE: This pack contains drum loops and drum oneshots only. All the other melodic sounds you hear are for demonstration purposes only and are taken from our ‘Jazz House & Dusty Beats’ collection which is available here.